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Welcome to Community Systems

Empowering Your Potential
Welcome to Community Systems

Empowering Your Potential
Welcome to Community Systems

Empowering Your Potential

Community  Systems boasts an extensive and diverse cohort of over 2,000 learners and a curriculum that spans across more than 20 subjects, all of which are offered at our well-established sites. Choosing to be a part of our community not only aligns learners with excellence in education but also provides significant advantages as they gear up for their future and enhance their employability.

Being part of our vibrant and dynamic community means more than just receiving education; it means becoming a valuable member of a large network. Our diverse environment creates a unique and enriching experience, offering you the chance to interact with a wide array of individuals. Joining us opens doors to a multitude of experiences that go beyond traditional learning, fostering personal and professional growth in a supportive and inclusive community.

At Community Systems Ltd, in partnership with the United Colleges Group and the Royal Borough of Greenwich Council, we empower individuals through comprehensive ESOL programmes, Functional Skills Maths, and holistic support services. Safeguarding, Prevent, and the promotion of British values are integral parts of our curriculum. Our delivery sites in Park Royal, Woolwich and Luton offer convenient access for learners. They work towards achieving nationally recognised certificates from City & Guilds while gaining essential employability skills.

Embark on your transformative journey towards a brighter future. Whether it's ESOL, Functional Skills Maths, Careers Guidance, Employability Skills, or Personal Well-being, Community Systems in partnership with other organisations is your partner in success.

Our Services

ESOL Learning Journey

Our curriculum spans from pre-entry to entry-level courses, bolstering language proficiency for confident communication and comprehension.

Functional Skills Maths

Explore our numeracy programmes designed to enhance practical mathematical skills crucial for everyday life and career advancement, leading to City & Guilds certification.

Employability Skills

Beyond academic achievements, we focus on fostering vital employability skills – communication, teamwork, and problem-solving – to ensure success in the workplace.

National Careers Services

Guidance on career pathways, job readiness, and skill development for success in your chosen field, integrating essential employability skills.

Safeguarding and Prevent

Our commitment to Safeguarding and Prevent ensures a safe and inclusive learning environment, respecting all cultures and backgrounds.

Promotion of British Values

We instil the importance of British values—democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect, and tolerance—in our educational approach.

Convenient Delivery Sites

Our sites in Park Royal, Woolwich and Luton provide accessible locations for learners seeking quality education and skill development.

Comprehensive Support

Our pastoral care ensures a nurturing environment, fostering emotional well-being and a sense of belonging.

Embracing Wellness

Prioritise your physical fitness and mental wellness with programmes recognising their impact on overall success and happiness.


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