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Community Systems

Get to know the diverse and dedicated individuals who spearhead our organization’s commitment to excellence in education and service delivery. Meet the faces and stories behind our organisation’s success, where each member of our management team brings unique perspectives, expertise, and dedication to their roles.

Claire Thraves

Managing Director/Owner (Active)

Prior to my acquisition of Community Systems in June 2004, I served as the Contract Manager for over a decade within a government office, transitioning to a role on the Senior Management Team in 2002. By December 2003, I assumed the position of Managing Director before finalising the purchase the following year. It’s only natural that I hold a certain bias, given my deep involvement in the company’s evolution.

While I have been an active Managing Director, it’s essential to acknowledge that our company’s enduring success and exceptional service are the result of the dedication and expertise of our remarkable team members, many of whom have been integral to our operations for nearly three decades. Our commitment extends beyond simply delivering contracted services to our learners; we also prioritise providing exemplary customer service, fostering a sense of inclusion and security, promoting mental and physical well-being, imparting essential life skills, instilling confidence, and nurturing personal growth and achievement—all firmly rooted in British values.

Every individual—be it a learner or staff member—who engages with Community Systems undergoes a transformative experience. This is a source of immense pride for me, as it reflects our unwavering dedication to fostering positive change in the lives of all who interact with our organisation.

Our Team

Community Systems prides itself on its diverse, compassionate, and empathetic senior leadership team who will help any learner to live a better life with new skill sets. In our team, we have:

Staff Nationalities

With a diverse team of 12 nationalities, fostering innovation and excellence through varied perspectives.

Gender Diversity

We maintain balanced gender diversity: 55% female, 45% male, fostering inclusivity and equity in our workplace.


Our age diversity ranges from 24 to 82, fostering inclusivity and valuing varied experiences and perspectives.

Length of Service

Our average tenure is 5 years, showcasing our commitment to fostering long-term relationships with our staff.


Our team communicates fluently in 15 languages, enhancing global collaboration in a rich multicultural environment.

Senior Leadership Team

Finance Director

Howard, a proficient financial professional, brings extensive expertise in banking, stock exchange operations, and strategic financial management. With over 20 years as Finance Director, he drives organisational success. His banking tenure fostered deep understanding of financial systems, risk management, and client relations. Transitioning to stocks, he refined market analysis and compliance skills. Howard’s leadership steers companies through economic shifts, optimising resources for profitability and sustainability, showcasing his value in complex financial landscapes.

Chief Operations Manager

Farida, a dynamic senior manager, with 20 years of diverse experience, excels in training and development for 18 years. Known for her creative flair, she delivers impactful results in project management, strategic planning, negotiations, and customer service. Her adept team leadership fosters business growth, turning challenges into opportunities and cultivating enduring client relationships, marking her effectiveness and success.

NCS & Contract Delivery Manager

Seid, an expert senior manager, brings over three decades of expertise, primarily in training. Committed to innovation and tangible results, he excels in customer service, promotions, project management, strategic planning, negotiations, and business development. Seid leads by example, nurturing customer relationships, motivating teams, and spearheading growth initiatives, demonstrating finesse in navigating complexities.

Operations Assistant Manager

Tom, a recent addition to our management, brings vast experience from high-pressure financial sales. Skilled in tailored wealth management for diverse clients, he enhances our team with his customer service prowess and financial acumen. Tom fosters cohesion and motivation, advocating for staff training, recognition, and personal expression in their professional endeavours, strengthening Community System’s management ethos.

HR & Operations Officer

Shirin, a veteran HR professional and the latest addition to our management team, brings over a decade of rich experience in Human Resources management spanning diverse industries. Armed with a master’s degree in international business, Shirin excels in various HR functions. Her strategic vision, “can-do” mindset, and commitment to organizational objectives resonate through her adept leadership, fostering a culture of excellence and alignment with company goals and operations.

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