Community Systems

Community Systems

Dive into a collection of inspiring stories from our learners, showcasing the profound impact of our programs. These narratives underscore our dedication to growth and empowerment. Additionally, explore our audit and inspection statements, reflecting our commitment to transparency and quality assurance.

Learner Feedback

Discover a wealth of inspiring stories and insights that offer a glimpse into the vibrant life at Community Systems. Through these stories, our learners generously share their experiences, perspectives, and personal journeys. These captivating accounts serve as strong endorsements, highlighting the significant impact our programmes have on individuals and the wider community. Dive into these stories to uncover the real-life experiences that shape our shared commitment to growth, empowerment, and continuous learning.

Testimonials Highlighting the Success of Community Systems

Audit/Inspection Statements

Regular audits or inspections are conducted on Community Systems to verify adherence to regulatory standards, evaluate the calibre of education offered, and pinpoint opportunities for enhancement.

Statement from our most recent Matrix Inspection

During interviews with different parties the phrase ‘it is like a family’ was used by various contributors, internal and external to CS. Vulnerable learners treat CS like a ‘safe haven’ (another phrase used in relation to the centre) where they experience belonging and acceptance in what could otherwise be a strange and bewildering society in which they find themselves. The multi-lingual resource within the staff team, some of whom may themselves have personal experience of relocating to the UK, is an asset for relating to learners possessing very basic English to impart elementary IAG. Staff are clear as to the context in which the ESOL courses and advice work is offered – to improve the prospects and confidence of users of CS, for practical application to improve their circumstances outside of the centre. CS therefore works with sensitivity to the barriers, cultural differences, and potential trauma of individuals, as demonstrated in the ability of staff to differentiate approaches and personalise goals whilst achieving results and establishing progression routes.

Following on from the above point, the implementation of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion by CS is particularly strong. Issues of gender politics cut across the multicultural groups and the specific needs and aspirations of female learners are recognised through the flexibility of study times around childcare needs. Women are encouraged to develop confidence in communicating using English to assert themselves, in line with fundamental British Values. Where conflicts occur to threaten the Safeguarding of learners – such as the recent example involving a refugee from Ukraine – tutors demonstrate a willingness to exercise their duty of care and intervene.

Many staff have been given the opportunity to progress beyond their original roles at CS. While this might be expedient at times due to staff turnover, promotion within the organisation models an ethos of personal and professional development, supported by CPD records.

CS is an active and effective participant in networks of other related and complementary providers and was especially praised in this regard during partner interviews. The benefit of this for learners is that they can access further opportunities in a London borough where it was commented there is not enough provision for ESOL learners. Referrals are well managed in terms of the information provided to enable a smooth transition with partners. CS has a commitment to the wider community it serves and has established its niche.

Statement from our most recent City & Guilds Quality Assurance

It has been a great pleasure to quality assure the Centre’s work today; the Centre have worked hard to ensure that EQA feedback/findings have been taken into consideration and a collective team effort has been seen. 

EQA currently suggests DCS continue for the Centre in the 4748-03 Qualifications as there were NO risks identified in the assessments sampled.

Thank You and Well Done to the Team!

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