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Community Systems

At Community Systems, safety is paramount. We prioritise the well-being of every user—learners, staff, and visitors. Our robust safeguarding measures ensure a secure environment where everyone feels valued and protected. Through clear policies and collaboration with external agencies, we uphold our commitment to safeguarding vulnerable adults. Explore our Safeguarding policy and reach out to our Designated Safeguarding Officers for support. Your safety matters to us, and we’re here to ensure you feel secure throughout your journey with us.

Community Systems is fully dedicated to establishing and maintaining a safe and secure environment for all users, including learners, staff, and visitors. The needs of every user are prioritised, ensuring they are at the core of our operational focus. We guarantee that both learners and staff engage in their work and learning within a safe and supportive atmosphere. The Company, along with its entire staff, recognises the duty of care towards learners, staff, and visitors, acknowledging their fundamental right to be protected from harm.

Our commitment extends to providing a safe and welcoming environment where all learners are not only respected but also valued. In recognising that vulnerable adults have a fundamental right to be protected from harm, it becomes the responsibility of all staff members, volunteers, and governors to report any suspected abuse, disclosure of abuse, or abuse of trust. Awareness of the policy and procedure for such reporting is imperative.

If there are concerns that a vulnerable adult is at risk of harm or being abused, it is crucial to report this promptly. This commitment to safeguarding is an integral part of our ethos, ensuring physical and mental well-being of all individuals. We consistently strive to collaborate effectively with services and external agencies to ensure the protection and well-being of our learners.

We encourage both learners and external entities to familiarise themselves with our Safeguarding policy. This document outlines Community Systems’ statutory responsibilities regarding Safeguarding and the Protection of Vulnerable Adults.

For individuals seeking additional information on safeguarding and supporting learners, we recommend reaching out to one of our Designated Safeguarding Officers (DSOs). If you have any safeguarding concerns, please promptly inform a member of the Safeguarding Team by making a phone call to 020 8782 1770 or emailing (Please note that this is not a hotline service.).


Farida Mirza

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Usha Chand

Designated Safeguarding Officer

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