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Community Systems

Discover our tailored ESOL courses, ideal for all newcomers to the UK, focusing on work, study, and daily life. From Pre-Entry to Entry Level 3, our courses ensure rapid language development. Specifically designed for adults over 19 years of age who are unemployed or in receipt of low wages. Our ESOL training enhances language proficiency for better employment prospects. Explore our Careers Advice, Employability Support, Basic Skills, Functional Skills in Maths, and Digital Skills services to thrive in various aspects of life and work. We’re here to help you succeed.

ESOL - English for Speakers of Other Languages & Functional Skills

Our ESOL courses are tailored to meet the requirements of employment, education, and everyday life, making them well-suited for all newcomers to the UK. Ranging from Pre-Entry to Entry Level 3, these courses encompass Speaking & Listening, Reading, and Writing skills. Our 12-week Pre-Entry courses and 8-week intensive Entry Level 1-3 courses guarantee rapid language development, which is crucial for thriving in today’s multicultural society.

National Career Services

The National Careers Service delivers exceptional, cost-free, and unbiased information, advice, and guidance to assist individuals in making informed decisions regarding learning, training, and employment. With a specific emphasis on careers and guidance, the National Careers Service (NCS) aids individuals in improving their prospects in the realm of work and career advancement. It empowers them to assess their current situation and advance in fields such as business management, customer services, retail, administration, ICT, security, and construction.


At Community Systems, we place a strong emphasis on assisting adult learners in their pursuit of fulfilling employment by providing an extensive array of job readiness services. Our comprehensive program encompasses everything from crafting CVs and aiding with application forms to honing interview skills and devising effective job search strategies. Our goal is to equip learners with the necessary skills and self-assurance to seize successful employment opportunities and foster personal career advancement.

Basic Skills


Literacy refers to the fundamental capacity to engage in reading, writing, and comprehending written information. The inclusion of appropriate vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and punctuation is essential.


Numeracy skills encompass various mathematical abilities such as understanding numerical concepts, counting fluency, problem-solving, measurement, estimation, pattern recognition, and proficiency in addition and subtraction operations.

Functional Skills in Maths

Functional maths skills are indispensable for navigating everyday life, whether at home, work, or school. Recognising their importance, Community Systems places a strong emphasis on these skills, providing training ranging from Entry Level 1 to Entry Level 3. Through our programmes, learners gain practical mathematical abilities crucial for both daily life and the professional environment. Whether pursuing personal development or enhancing employability, our Functional Skills maths training establishes a solid groundwork for success across diverse spheres.

Digital Skills

Our Digital courses enhance the power of devices such as computers, tablets, or mobile phones to efficiently complete basic personal and work-related tasks. Navigate the internet adeptly to locate and utilise information effectively, all while grasping the importance of maintaining online safety and responsibility. Demonstrate proficiency in communication within both social and professional realms through email, messaging platforms, and various social media channels.

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