Community Systems

Community Systems

Community Systems, established in 1989 and formally incorporated as a limited company in 1993, stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of education and employability. Under the stewardship of our current owner since 2004, we have continually evolved, embracing innovation and steadfast commitment to individual well-being. With a rich heritage spanning over 35 years, Community Systems has become synonymous with quality education, offering a diverse range of programmes designed to empower learners across London and the South East.

Our Rich Heritage

Founded in 1989 at an office situated in Finchley, Community Systems has evolved into a distinguished institution, gaining official limited company status in 1993. Guided by our current owner since 2004, we’ve traversed the educational landscape with a commitment to excellence and innovation. Over the years, we had grown to employ 138 professionals across 13 strategic locations in London and the South East. Spanning from Finchley to the Isle of Wight, our training initiatives have concurrently reached over 2,600 learners, making a profound and enduring impact on their lives and careers. In response to shifts in government funding, our operational focus has pivoted to prioritise delivery from sites within Brent, East London, and Luton. This strategic shift is made possible by our dedicated and highly skilled team of 28 staff members, who embody the Heart & Soul of Community Systems.

Innovative Teaching Methods

Alongside our Traditional Classroom Training/Coaching, we also deliver our services outside in the fresh air in line with our wellbeing beliefs.  We believe and encourage our learners/customers to invest in their life & health; mentally & physically and know outside learning is truly beneficial to everyone as well as classroom-based learning whilst belonging to a team. For over 35 years, Community Systems has not only been an industry leader but also a pioneer in shaping the realms of employability, English for speakers of other languages (ESOL), and basic skills education. Our commitment goes beyond academic achievements; we prioritise the holistic well-being of individuals and offer comprehensive career guidance, fostering paths to personal and professional success. Throughout our journey, our dedication to excellence and innovation has been unwavering, positioning us as a beacon of quality and reliability in the educational sector. Throughout our history, we have proudly retained the status of a Government Preferred Supplier, adjusting to shifts in funding dynamics while consistently delivering private training. Our commitment to excellence and flexibility remains steadfast.

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